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Mage Networks opens the doors of opportunity by making the Internet universally accessible everywhere.

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Through and Around Trees, Valleys and Difficult Terrain, We Deliver High-Speed Broadband Anywhere.

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Mage Networks Home Internet

We’ll help you get connected and stay connected to better Internet, however you use it – surf, stream, game, binge or all of the above.

*100 Mpbs is the maximum data rate, which will be achieved once our network construction is complete. During the network construction process the maximum data rate may be lower.

**Mage Networks guarantees your data rate will not drop below 7 Mbps, even during peak hours, to ensure you’ll have enough bandwidth to run 2 streaming services simultaneously. For example, Netflix HD movies require 4 Mbps, and CipherTV requires 3 Mbps. Additional information including the conditions that apply to this guarantee, such as circumstances beyond our control, can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

Mage’s mission is to provide revolutionary technology that allows high-speed internet coverage, quickly and inexpensively, anywhere and everywhere. Our vision is to change the face of broadband globally, become the new best-in-class technology, and be a key influencer for industry best practices.

Long Distance Internet

Mage’s MagiNet™ works distinctly differently from traditional networks. In traditional tower-based networks, a central tower beams the signal in straight lines, sometimes on three different frequencies, one in each of three sectors. If terrain or an object blocks the straight line, there will be a dead spot where the tower cannot “see”. In addition, as the signal moves further away, it loses strength, which decreases the data rate.

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