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Arrowhead Internet Services Powered by Mage Networks is a next-generation, internet service provider (ISP), that provides broadband connectivity to underserved markets. Our goal is to connect the community of Long Plain First Nation to fast, reliable high-speed Internet that you can count on.


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What You Can Expect With Our Internet Services

Symmetrical Speed

Our technology, MagiNet™ provides symmetrical speed. This means that the upload and download speeds have the same maximum limit.

No Hidden Fees

We have no hidden fees. Our Terms & Conditions are straightforward and we make sure that our customers understand terms.

Minimum Bandwidth Guarantees

Arrowhead doesn’t cut corners on bandwidth. We’re the only internet service provider that has implemented minimum bandwidth guarantees, including Guaranteed Streaming Bandwidth™ and Guaranteed Minimum Bandwidth™

Internet Service you can count on

We believe that Internet should be accessible no matter where you live. So we're helping communities around the world get connected to fast, reliable, high-speed.

Arrowhead 100

*FREE Installation + No Contract
$ 110 Per Month
  • 100 Mbps Download
  • 100 Mbps Upload
  • Unlimited Data
  • Guaranteed Streaming Bandwidth™
  • No Credit Card Required for Sign Up!

*100 Mpbs is the maximum data rate, which will be achieved once our network construction is complete. During the network construction process the maximum data rate may be lower.

MagiNet™ provides symmetrical speed. This means that the upload and download speeds have the same maximum limit.

Mage Networks guarantees your data rate will not drop below specific rates, even during peak hours. Additional information including the conditions that apply to this guarantee, such as circumstances beyond our control, can be found in our Terms & Conditions.

Our GSB™ and  GMB™ are our minimum guarantee that your speed will never drop below specific rates. Learn more.

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Mage Networks is an Internet technology company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. We founded Mage because we understood the hardship that lack of Internet causes and we knew we could solve the problem.

Our team includes engineers who were responsible for some of the most ground-breaking and fought-over innovations in the technology world, including Wi-Fi and 4G. Our technology, MagiNet™, has deep roots in the early days of broadband wireless. Through a combination of wireless and fiber, we custom-design networks to fit the unique needs and challenges of the community we’re building it for. This means that we can connect even the most remote areas to fast, reliable, high-speed Internet.