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Through And Around Trees, Valleys And Difficult Terrain – MagiNet™ High-Speed Broadband Anywhere.

A low-cost, high-performing network that connects rural areas to the Internet

Wi-Fi in the Middle of Nowhere

*The video depicts a temporary installation to demonstrate how quickly and easily a network can be deployed.

How MagiNet™ Works

MagiNet™ is formed by hardware and firmware designed by our team and seamlessly uses wireless and wired connections to create wireless coverage over, under, and around any sized area without degradation in speed or consistency.

We use data pipelines in a series of short hops, where the locations are strategically selected to distribute the data from central locations. Those data pipelines carry multiple signals in multiple directions, intelligently choosing whichever routes will avoid obstacles and interference with other data pipelines. The data automatically zips on and off wired and wireless connections to maximize efficiency.

The result is that all users get the best quality connection, regardless of their location in the network. Because of the many options for the signals to route, (including around or under obstacles) there is no degradation in speed experienced by the users. In fact, a data pipeline 20 kilometers long has been tested with no measurable degradation in quality, giving MagiNet™ nearly unlimited range.

Because the connections need limited sightlines, they can use directional antennas. This means the high data rate is maintained even in poor conditions. In addition, the units are sited very low, so the chance for interference is much lower, which allows us to use 800 MHz of unlicensed spectrum in the 2.4 and 5 GHz band as well as about 3 GHz in the 60 GHz band for free.

MagiNet™ Data Pipelines have recently been upgraded to a capacity of 1 Gbps by using 802.11ad standard-based equipment operating at 60 GHz. This performance increase illustrates the way MagiNet™ incorporates emerging technologies to continue improving its performance and capabilities.

The custom-design of MagiNet™ means that we can connect any home or business in an area (and we can do this more cost-efficiently and quickly than traditional solutions!) 

In traditional tower-based networks, a central tower beams the signal in straight lines (sometimes on three different frequencies.)  If terrain or an object blocks the straight line, there will be a dead spot where the tower cannot “see”.  

As the signal moves further away it loses strength, which decreases the data rate. For example, a data rate of 50 Mbps near the tower degrades as the client gets further away until the data rate dissipates to zero. This results in a poor experience for users at the edge of the tower’s range. 

Our network is a combination of fiber and our own technology, MagiNet™ Using our tool MagiPlan™ (a software tool that combines neural network-based land-cover and land-use classifiers with LoS visibility, link quality requirements and network capacity requirements) we design high-performance networks more quickly, accurately and cost-efficiently than traditional manual designs.

New Bandwidth Injection™

New Bandwidth Injection™ (NBI™) is a feature of MagiNet™ which permits additional bandwidth to be injected to the system to remove bottlenecks and increase overall capacity.  Because of the advanced routing and simplicity of MagiLink™ firmware, this can be achieved in a large variety of ways, one is to add more data pipelines into the area in question, the other is to upgrade the equipment in the Data Pipelines. 

Minimum Bandwidth

All streaming services, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video*, require a minimum amount of consistent bandwidth to function without interruption (buffering).  Many Internet-related factors affecting performance are beyond the control of the local Internet Service Provider (ISP) However, one key differentiator of  MagiNet™ is the minimum amount of bandwidth available to each customer through its network.  

The design of MagiNet™ ensures that the connection between your home and the Internet is capable of delivering minimum bandwidth guarantees. With MAGE 100, we include Guaranteed Streaming Bandwidth™ which means that you will always be able to watch a Netflix HD movie AND have a Zoom meeting. With  MAGE 50 we include Guaranteed Minimum Bandwidth™ which means you will always be able to have a Zoom meeting. We can deliver this experience by limiting the number of users sharing the bandwidth and New Bandwidth Injection™ (NBI™).