Mage Networks


Connect Everyone, Everywhere. Mage Networks opens the doors of opportunity by making Internet universally accessible. Using our technology, we connect underserved and unserved areas with high-speed Internet coverage, quickly and inexpensively.


Rural and remote areas around the globe experience significantly slower service than urban centres. Resolving this problem with traditional infrastructure and technology is expensive and slow. At Mage Networks we envision a world where everyone is connected to fast, reliable, high-speed Internet. 


Mage Networks has grown into three lines of business. We operate as an OEM, selling our equipment to Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and Distributors. We also operate in select locations as an Internet Service Provider. Finally, through our Joint Venture Partnerships, we build and run ISPs in select communities. 

While Mage Networks is new as of 2017, the team has a long history and many accomplishments in the wireless networking field:

  • Mage Networks technology has deep roots in the early days of broadband wireless which originated in patents from the early 90’s by Wi-LAN Inc. , in which our founder Dr. Sayed-Amr El-Hamamsy, was involved as COO and as CEO. This company went on to license Wi-Fi and 4G technology globally to almost every major technology company around the world.
  • Further experience in developing solutions for gathering data from wireless surveys led to an understanding of how powerful wireless networks can be deployed easily in very difficult terrain.
  • The wireless seismic solution was be used by clients in the oil and gas industry Unfortunately, the fall of oil and gas prices in 2015-2016 led to the company ceasing operations.
  • In 2017, Dr. El-Hamamsy saw an opportunity to create a revolutionary network concept (which we call MagiNet™) and co-founded Mage Networks.
  •  The team began developing the technology focused on rural and remote markets with plans to grow into other applications such as providing backhaul for 5G LTE networks and intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and the Internet of Things.
  • Mage has completed the commercial introduction of its first-generation product. Mage has installed networks in several counties and regions of the US and Canada.
  • Mage is currently completing the development of a software design tool utilizing Geo Information System (GIS) data and processes, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to automate the design of its network. This tool will help our partners and customers deploy their networks quickly and effectively.
  • Mage has completed a network in Grand Cayman delivering outdoor WiFi in the Port area of Georgetown. The network is to be expanded in two phases, although the expansion has been halted by the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Mage has a proof of concept network rolled out in Accra, Ghana, and Monrovia, Liberia. As well as a network connecting county buildings currently being rolled out in Powhatan, Virginia and another private network in Warrenton, Virginia. That is in addition to the Taber, Coop, Redwood Meadows and Bragg Creek WiFi networks.