Mage Networks Is Seeking Distribution And Network Management Partners World-Wide

Become a Distributor​

Networks Built To Scale

High Capacity Data Networks with maximum range & coverage, built to scale.

Affordable And Accessible

Investment in our networks cost as little as 1/10 to 1/3 of traditional infrastructure.

Low Maintenance

Simplify deployability & maintenance, without sacrificing the performance you need.

Distributor Model

  1. Is a wholesale warehousing company that re-sells Mage Products and Technology in significant volume to a broad range of Value-Added Resellers (VARs), typically ISPs but possibly those with IT or Telecom service offerings, who in-turn install the Products and Technology on customer premises.
  2. Prior to acquiring Mage Products and Technology, a Distributor is already distributing other products to ISPs or VARS in the above-mentioned markets
  3. The Distributor has no business relation with their customers other than that between a supplier and a customer.
  4. The Distributor makes a substantial initial inventory purchase for the purpose re-sale.
  5. Guarantees—via a substantial performance bond—and achieves significant purchase and resale quotas, with frequent reviews.
  6. Relies on resale revenue primarily (as opposed to services revenue) for profitability.

In exchange, the Distributor will enjoy benefits, such as:

  1. Gold Discount off MagiNet™ products list pricing
  2. Brand support
  3. Access To Train-The-Trainer Program
  4. Regional Exclusivity And Protection
  5. Co-op Marketing Funding Allocation
  6. View to Mage ERP for Production Planning
  7. Access to Design Tools (Allowing You To Offer Design Services To Your Customers)
  8. Beta Version Access
  9. Roadmap Access

Our Solution

Mage’s solution is made up of hardware and proprietary firmware. These products are sold as part of a network solution called MagiNet™, and the components you require will vary based on our network design for your specific terrain, coverage and access points.

MagiNet by Mage Networks

The overall network formed by the hardware and firmware of Mage, that seamlessly uses wireless and wired connections to create wireless coverage over, under, and around any sized area without degradation in speed or consistency.

MagiLink by Mage Networks

The proprietary firmware at the heart of MagiNet™

MagiLink by Mage Networks

The wireless unit consisting of commercial off-the-shelf hardware flashed with MagiLink™. MagiNodes™ form the Data Pipelines, connect houses and buildings to the MagiNet™ and act as relays.​

MagiPoint by Mage Networks

A specialized type of MagiNode™ containing two wireless devices. One device provides WiFi access and the other connects to the MagiNet™.

The MagiRouters™ operate using MagiLink™ which makes them into a wired meshing node. They are used for breakouts of multiple data pipelines, and to also convert any wireless device into relays for Data Pipelines. The MagiRouter™ 10G is capable of delivering 10 Gbps and is the center of large network deployments. The MagiRouter™ EP-R6 and ER-X are used in situations requiring 1 Gbps. Intermediate MagiRouters™ are in development to provide a variety of capacity.

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