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Through And Around Trees, Valleys And Difficult Terrain - MagiNet™ Can Deliver High-Speed Broadband Anywhere

We can custom-design our networks to fit the unique needs and challenges of the community we’re building it for. This means that we can connect even the most remote areas to fast, reliable, high-speed Internet.

Quality Connection

Our technology is designed to deliver quality connection that won't be dropped.

Low Maintenance

Simplify deployability & maintenance, without sacrificing the performance you need.

Accessible Everywhere

We believe that Internet should be accessible no matter where you live. So we're helping communities around the world get connected.

MagiNet by Mage Networks

The overall network formed by the hardware and firmware of Mage, that seamlessly uses wireless and wired connections to create wireless coverage over, under, and around any sized area without degradation in speed or consistency.

MagiLink by Mage Networks

The proprietary firmware at the heart of MagiNet™.

An affordable, low maintenance Wireless Internet solution that actually works

Optimize your wireless internet with stunning speed while still reducing your expenses — no matter how big your connection needs are.
Make internet the easiest part of your day.
MagiLink by Mage Networks

The wireless unit consisting of commercial off-the-shelf hardware flashed with MagiLink™. MagiNodes™ form the Data Pipelines, connect houses and buildings to the MagiNet™ and act as relays.

MagiPoint by Mage Networks

A specialized type of MagiNode™ containing two wireless devices. One device provides WiFi access and the other connects to the MagiNet™.

How Our Technology is Different