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With our technology, we custom-design networks that fit the unique needs of each community.

Private Networks That Can Be Deployed Quickly And Cost-Efficiently

MagiNet™ is formed by hardware and firmware designed by our team at Mage. It leverageses a unique combination of technologies to provide high-bandwidth service over long distances. We create data pipelines in a series of short hops, strategically selected to distribute the data from central locations. These pipelines carry multiple signals, in multiple directions, intelligently choosing routes that avoid obstacles and interference. This allows us to deliver wireless and wired connections that guarantee coverage over, under, and around any sized area without degradation in speed or consistency. Resulting in a high-quality connection for all users, regardless of their location in the network.


The capital investment of MagiNet™ is on average 1/20 to 1/3 the cost to purchase and deploy compared to traditional technologies.


Our networks are custom-designed to ensure that anyone in a targeted coverage area who wants the service, can get it. (*No degradation for data pipeline performance for minimum 20km)


We can typically begin network construction before traditional providers could pull permits for towers.

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Rural Internet Canada

Bringing Wireless Internet to Rural and Remote Communities

There are millions of kilometres of communications fibre and hundreds of communications towers in Canada.  The key is being able to tie in individual residences in areas where population or geography make additional towers or fibre connectivity to those homes simply uneconomic. 

In 2020, we installed a data pipeline network on the Peepeekisis First Nation in Saskatchewan over an area of almost 300 km2 with no measurable degradation in quality, giving MagiNet™ nearly unlimited range.  

We understand the hardship that lack-of-internet causes. MagiNet™  is a solution.


MagiPlan™ is a software tool that facilitates designing wireless mesh networks. Empowered by a state-of-the-art neural network, MagiPlan™ intelligently accounts for environmental, geographical and man-made obstacles on the wireless links performance. It also automatically accounts for LoS, as well as quality and capacity requirements to ensure that every customer in a mapped area can connect to the network.

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