What is Guaranteed Streaming Bandwidth™ (GSB™)?

When you’re shopping around for internet service, it can be confusing.

We understand.

Typically providers will quote an “up to” speed. “Up to” speeds mean that if no one else is on the network, you should experience speeds at these rates. However – the truth is that many service providers have thousands of subscribers that you share bandwidth with, resulting in a lower speed at your home. (Read the fine print and you’ll notice that “up to” speeds are not guaranteed.)

In rural areas, you may see download speeds of “up to” 25 Mbps and upload speeds of “up to” 5 Mbps. But we’ve heard from people who are seeing actual download speeds drop to as low as 1.2 Mbps! This kind of data rates makes checking Facebook or sending an email painful and streaming services out-of-the-question (services such as Netflix recommend a minimum of 3 Mbps to stream in standard definition.) Add to all this that slow upload speeds affect your ability to participate in virtual meetings or online learning.

This is why Mage is committed to guaranteeing minimum speeds. We understand that certain services such as Netflix and Zoom require minimum bandwidth in order to deliver a great experience (who enjoys buffering and awkward frozen video calls?) 

With the MAGE 100 Internet service package, we offer Guaranteed Streaming Bandwidth™ (GSB™)

GSB™ ensures that you can always do a lot more than surf the Internet, check your email or scroll social media. Our GSB™ is a minimum guarantee that means you’ll never have more than a certain number of customers sharing your bandwidth and that your speed will never drop below 7 Mbps.

How can we do this?

Our 100 Mbps Data Pipeline will never have more than fourteen (14) customers on it. Second, if we must add customers to a data pipeline we can increase the overall capacity of the network (or a branch of the network) using our concept of  New Bandwidth Injection™ (NBI™).  Using New Bandwidth Injection™ (NBI™), the network gets upgraded to ensure we meet our guarantees.

*Netflix and Zoom are registered trademarks of Netflix, Inc. and Zoom Video Communications, respectively.

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