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Launch of Mage Networks

We’ve been really pulling late nights and long days in recent weeks – preparing for an investor event, getting photos taken, shooting a video, building a website, and of putting the finishing touches on our user interface. We’ve attached a few photos here.  Huge thank you to Dayna Dickens and Mark and Kelly Fox of Nanton who hosted us to shoot a video that demonstrated us taking a signal from Dayna’s home, and pulling it out 10 – 11km away onto a remote area on the Fox ranch outside Nanton. You all were tremendous hosts, and we can’t thank you enough for your hospitality! You’ll see that the image above is Gary holding up an iPad, on which he’s able to play movies on Netflix on the wireless remote MagiNetâ„¢  network!

As you may know, Mage is based in Calgary, and we have a long history in the telecommunications industry.  Our plan is to sell our flexible, wireless broadband networks to communities everywhere, so if you’re representing a community, or are an Internet Service Provider that is looking to partner in deployments, we want to hear from you.  The process isn’t long and complex; it involves having a visit or a chat, getting a map of your region, after which we come up with a network configuration and quotation to suit you.  Click to CONTACT US.

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