First Of Its Kind Network Bragg Creek

First-of-its-kind High-Speed Internet Network Moves Ahead in Bragg Creek, Alberta

Bragg Creek, AB—May 12, 2021   After months of planning, evaluation and regulatory review, Mage Networks is pleased to announce that the deployment of its high-speed internet access project using technology developed in Alberta will move forward in the Wintergreen area of Bragg Creek.

Access to high-speed internet long-ago moved from being a nice-to-have to being an essential tool for business, communities, governments and educators.  Being so close to a major centre, it is often surprising just how many small communities like Wintergreen lack access to high-speed internet; something that many take for granted.  Mage Networks is excited to finally be able to expand its Bragg Creek high-speed network to the Wintergreen area so residents and businesses can at-last access reliable, guaranteed speeds with no data caps or degradation–no matter how many people are on-line at the same time.

“Mage Networks is very excited to be moving forward with expansion of our Bragg Creek network to include the area of Wintergreen” says Sisso El-Hamamsy, President and CEO of Mage Networks.  “We have worked persistently to bring this project to life and while it has taken longer than expected, we’re thrilled to be able to bring this new technology to the community and give people the high-speed access they need to work, learn and play.”

This type of network is a first-of-its kind in Alberta and required the cooperation of several organizations. FortisAlberta, the electricity distribution company for more than 60 per cent of Alberta, worked with Mage to develop the protocols that allow the safe attachment of Mage’s wireless devices to its pole infrastructure which, in-turn supports the electricity company’s commitment to be a part of the economic growth of the province.  “By using our existing infrastructure to help third-party internet service providers like Mage deliver connectivity to rural Alberta, we are pleased to be part of an innovative solution that will bring this essential communications service to their customers, who are also our customers,” said Todd Dettling, Vice President of Customer and Stakeholder Engagement for FortisAlberta.

“This technology is truly homegrown.  The solution was designed entirely by Mage Networks right here in Alberta and our Bragg Creek project is a demonstration of how our local, private investment can bring about real beneficial change to rural and remote communities in Alberta and across Canada” said El-Hamamsy. Building on the network that Mage Networks has been successfully operating in the hamlet of Bragg Creek, the Wintergreen network will use data pipelines in a series of short hops, where the locations are strategically selected to distribute the data from central locations. Those data pipelines which are designed specifically for each network and can include fibre and wireless components, carry multiple signals in multiple directions, intelligently choosing whichever routes will avoid obstacles and interference with other data pipelines. The data automatically zips on and off wired and wireless connections to maximize efficiency.


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