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What is New Bandwidth Injection™? (NBI™)

New Bandwidth Injection™ is a feature of MagiNetthat is designed to mitigate strain on the network. NBI™ works by allowing additional bandwidth to be injected into the network, removing bottlenecks and increasing the overall capacity. The advanced routing and simplicity of our proprietary firmware, MagiLink™, facilitates this through adding more Data Pipelines in the area, and upgrading the equipment in the Data Pipelines. Resulting in exceptionally high bandwidth, over long distances and large areas.

Data Pipelines in the MagiNet™ network system have recently been upgraded to a capacity of 1 Gbps by using 802.11ad standard-based equipment operating at 60 GHz. Multiple pipelines can be deployed so that data capacity can be scaled without limits. Our test results have shown no degradation for a minimum of 20 kms, granting us an almost unlimited range. This performance illustrates the way MagiNet™ incorporates emerging technologies to continue improving its performance and capabilities.

What does this mean in simple terms? MagiNet™ can connect any home or business in a target area, guaranteeing you get the data you need, whenever you need it. 

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