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Seamless broadband internet designed for challenging remote and rural areas, where connectivity is non-existent, unreliable or unstable! Ensuring a strong signal not weakened or blocked by dense trees, hills or bad weather.
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• Plans start at $85/mo

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Only Provider Offering

• Guaranteed Streaming Bandwidth™
• Guaranteed Minimum Bandwidth™

Only Provider Offering

• Guaranteed Streaming Bandwidth™

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Wi-Fi in the Middle of Nowhere!

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Rural communities typically encounter challenges with Internet access simply based on geography. Our mission at Mage Networks is to connect you to an Ultra-Fast, Consistent, Reliable and Stable Internet you can count on. There are no differences between our prices for business and residential plans. You get the same guarantees of quality service assurance.

Learn about communities we’ve connected already in Alberta: The story of Taber.

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Mage Networks collaborates with other Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) to deploy MagiNet our proprietary network solution in their area of coverage within approximately four months. The components vary based on specific terrain, coverage and access points. This low-cost Internet solution can be scaled easily as new subscribers access it. Learn about one of our projects in the U.S. with Aer Wireless in Stafford County.

We are tackling the issue of digital exclusion, by bringing Maginet™ to places in the world without internet access.

Deploy a network quickly for education, health, family, and economic stability

Global Networks

  • Canada
  • United States
  • Mexico
  • Cayman Islands
  • Guyana
  • Cameroon
  • Kenya
  • Malawi
  • Uganda
  • Zambia

Wi-Fi You Can Count On

We work with municipalities to assist them in providing free or paid ubiquitous Wi-Fi access for their downtown core and beyond. Throughout the Wi-Fi zone, visitors can access free high-speed Internet while walking from store-to-store, without having to log in multiple times or experiencing a drop in the signal.

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Mage Networks connects people in rural and remote areas to reliable, high-speed Internet. MagiNet™  is a solution to a world problem – unreliable or inaccessible Internet developed in Alberta, Canada by the team here at Mage Networks. It’s formed by hardware and firmware designed by our team and seamlessly uses wireless and wired connections to create wireless coverage over, under, and around any sized area without degradation in speed or consistency.

We currently offer both download and upload speeds of 100 Mbps.

Our technology, MagiNet™ provides symmetrical speed. This means that the upload and download speeds have the same maximum limit. Mage doesn’t cut corners on bandwidth and we’re the only ISP that has implemented minimum bandwidth standards, including Guaranteed Minimum Bandwidth™ and Guaranteed Streaming Bandwidth™ 

At Mage, we have Guaranteed Streaming Bandwidth™, ensuring that our customers can always do more than surf the Internet, check email or scroll social media. Our GSB™ means that you will never have more than a certain number of customers sharing your bandwidth and that your speed will never drop below 7 Mbps.

How can we do this? The design of our 100 Mbps Data Pipeline will never have more than fourteen (14) customers on it. Second, we can easily increase the overall capacity of the entire network (or a branch of the network) using our concept of  New Bandwidth Injection™ (NBI™).  NBI™ injects additional bandwidth into the network to remove bottlenecks and increase overall capacity.

MagiNet™ is a network solution that expands the traditional point-to-point and point-to-multipoint networks to an every-point to every-point network. Unlike cellular towers, we use a series of interconnected nodes, instead of all units having to connect to one access point. We place as many nodes as needed wherever they are needed to bring Internet access directly to a specific area and guarantee no data rate loss. That means that even obstacles like trees or buildings – even the weather – do not impact the signal strength and you’ll have reliable high-speed Internet. In effect, the connection is made where it’s needed and not where it’s not needed.

Rural Broadband Access

Private Networks

Education Networks

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