Great Feedback from Taber

We recently headed down to Taber to capture feedback on video for our pilot network there, which was installed in early April 2018.  It was a terrific day – great weather, but moreover, the town had just taken delivery of a brand new firetruck and invited us up in the bucket to get some nice crane shots (photos and video of the town)!  Wohoo – thank you Taber!

This was captured in the following video.

Note that since the media prefer to use raw footage in order to build their own stories, we left the footage raw and unedited!  

The speakers, in order are as follows. The numbers mark the minutes and seconds, if you’d like to skip:

  • Cory Armfelt (0:00) – the Chief Administrative Officer of Taber
  • Kim Welby (4:01)- Community Economic Development Officer (provincial government representative) from Community Futures
  • Ben Young (9:48) – Economic Development Officer, Town of Taber (bearded fellow, black shirt)
  • Ken Holst (14:04)- Saunders Insurance, local business owner
  • Gary Drew (15:13)- Installation consultant to Mage Networks

Once again thank you the superbly articulate Cory, Kim, Ben and Ken for participating, and for your excellent feedback and to the fire crew who took our video crew up for the view!

Thanks also to our terrific video crew – Gary Drew and Han Siu for making this all happen.  Good thing you guys weren’t afraid of heights.


Here are a few more photos to enjoy:

New firetruck in Taber

Taber's New Firetruck

video shoot in Taber for new rural broadband technology

First Sales Deals in US & Canada

Taber Outdoor WiFi

New Wireless Broadband Technology Breaks the Mold of Traditional Internet Access


CALGARY, AB, June 13, 2018 – June 20 is World WiFi day, and Calgary-based Mage Networks Inc. is celebrating the successful commercialization of its breakthrough WiFi technology, MagiNet™, that it believes will change how high-speed internet broadband is deployed around the world,

Following a successful first installation and 2-month pilot in Taber, Alberta, Mage Networks is proud to announce that it has now inked its first two sales contracts, one in Brazeau County, Alberta, and the other for the City of Cape Coral in Florida, which are shipping in the next two weeks.

Mage’s new technology shifts the paradigm of wireless internet delivery. In traditional, tower-based networks, a signal is transmitted from a tower in a straight line. But terrain or objects in the way of the signal creates no-service areas where the tower cannot “see.” Most of the world’s research and development in the field, such as hot air balloons, satellites, and drones, all attempt to get higher to improve coverage. In contrast, MagiNet™ travels low, using wireless “data pipelines” over several small “hops” to carry broadband coverage over and behind hills or through trees, using tiny nodes (about the size of an iPad) placed only 3 – 5 meters from the ground. This method can overcome any rough terrain, trees and long distances without losing speed or signal strength as the wireless “pipeline” travels further distances.

Dr. Sayed Amr (Sisso) El-Hamamsy, founder of Mage Networks says, “We want to show how our system – at 1/3 to 1/20 the cost of traditional methods – can be installed in hours or a couple of days, and can give consistent performance of up to 50 Mbps upload or download speeds.” A veteran of the telecommunications sector with over 40 patents in his career, El-Hamamsy says, “We’re preparing for aggressive growth and getting processes in place to sell our equipment to internet service providers, states, and municipalities around the world.”

Mage is currently bidding on several deployments around Canada, the US and the Carribbean where live demonstrations of the technology have already been provided to local infrastructure buyers.

“It’s so easy and affordable for remote communities to have this technology,” adds El-Hamamsy. “There’s nothing like it out there now and it’s a technology with limitless potential. It can give hope to remote areas around the world that could otherwise not afford high speed broadband. And in time, it should mean a lot less construction of unsightly cellular towers.”



Media Contact: Dominic Terry Communications at 403.615.0372 or

Interview Contacts:
Mage Networks, CEO: Dr. Sayed-Amr (Sisso) El-Hamamsy, (403) 616-5441 or
Brazeau County, Reeve: Bart Guyon (780) 542-0999
Town of Taber, Communications: Meghan Brennan (403) 634-9824