Construction at West Bragg

Mage Networks Set to Deliver High Quality Internet Access to West Bragg

Mage Networks has commenced the building of data pipelines as part of its effort to deliver affordable high-quality internet to the residents of West Bragg Creek community. The buildout is estimated to last the whole of September.

Over the years, the residents of West Bragg Creek have lived without high-quality internet service due to the mountainous, forested terrain of the region. This development gives access to affordable internet service powered by Mage.

While appreciating residents who waited for long to get connected to the Mage internet service, the President and CEO, Mage Networks, Dr. Sayed-Amr El-Hamamsy stated that after a long wait time, Fortis has completed its work on the much-needed power poles, and we can now fulfill our commitment to deliver affordable high quality to the West Bragg community.

According the CEO, “We are also working on installing houses and areas closer to the data pipeline as we build it. This means that people closest to the data pipelines can get service early.” El-Hamamsy added.

Mage is designed to deliver internet to the hardest-to-reach areas, where traditional top-down telecom models do not work. After completion of the buildout, residents of West Bragg Creek will get the best quality connection, regardless of their location in the network.

Mage provides services in Long Plain First Nation in Manitoba, Bragg Creek, Foremost and Redwood Meadows in Alberta and Rural Milton in Ontario and is expanding internationally.

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