Long Plain First Nation and Mage Networks Form Joint Venture to Deliver High-Speed Internet Access

Long Plain First Nation, Manitoba—March 3, 2021.   The Long Plain First Nation and Mage Networks today announced the beginning of construction of a data pipeline project that will connect over 400 members of the Long Plain First Nation to high-speed internet.

Access to high-speed internet long ago moved from being a nice-to-have to being an essential tool for business, communities, governments and educators.  “This past year has shown all Canadians just how important it is to be able to connect to the internet—for shopping, for school, for banking and a host of other issues,” said Long Plain Chief Dennis Meeches.  “This is a fact of life that many indigenous communities across Canada, including Long Plain First Nation have had to deal with because our communities had never been connected to the web.”

Calgary’s Mage Networks entered into a joint venture with the Long Plain First Nation through its Arrowhead Development Corporation in 2020 in order to plan and develop a data pipeline network on Nation’s territory at Long Plain Reserve No. 6 that will see over 400 residents gain access to internet access with upload and download speeds of at least 100 mbps.

“Mage Networks is very excited to be able to partner with the Long Plain First Nation to be able to develop and deploy this critical technology infrastructure for the members of Nation” said Dr. Sisso El-Hamamsy, President and CEO of Mage Networks.  “Our MagiNet™ technology is perfectly suited to a project like this one at Long Plain First Nation, it provides for a data pipeline that can provide access to each residence on the Nation without the need for and cost associated with fibre installation to each building.”

The network will use data pipelines in a series of short hops, where the locations are strategically selected to distribute the data from central locations. Those data pipelines which are designed specifically for each network and can include fibre and wireless components, carry multiple signals in multiple directions, intelligently choosing whichever routes will avoid obstacles and interference with other data pipelines. The data automatically zips on and off wired and wireless connections to maximize efficiency.

Final network planning is almost complete and construction and installation of the network is expected to begin this month with residents being able to access high-speed internet within the next several weeks.

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Members of the Long Plain First Nation can immediately begin to sign up for service.

November Network Update – Alberta

Network Update - Alberta

Over the last few months, our team has been busy with network deployments in Alberta, Saskatchewan, as well as supporting our partners in the United States. We couldn’t have come this far without the support and patience of our customers, the community, as well as local government leaders. On behalf of the entire team at Mage, thank you. 

The cooler weather is setting in, but we’re not slowing down, so I’d like to take a few minutes to update you on the status of our network projects here in Alberta. Though network construction has taken longer than we expected, we’re tirelessly committed to connecting underserved areas to fast reliable, high-speed Internet. 

Our work in the Wintergreen began in the fall and we’ve since completed a verified network design that’ll ensure anyone who’d like to be connected, can be and will experience high quality service. Weather-permitting, we’ll continue to install poles and complete home installations. We’ll also continue work on the Data Pipeline that will connect Wintergreen to the rest of our network in the Hamlet. 

As of writing this, our team is in the West Bragg and Leisure Lake area completing the measurements required to produce a complete design for the area. We’ll be following the same plan as in Wintergreen – installing poles and completing home installations.

We’ve planned a fiber build from our Bragg Creek field office to Redwood Meadows. Digging the underground fiber will begin as soon as the permit process is complete. As the fiber build gets underway, we’ll begin deploying Data Pipelines in the area, which means that as soon as the fiber is completed we can turn on service immediately. 

Our biggest push this winter will be the Data Pipeline to West Bragg and all areas in between, as well as the Data Pipeline towards the Leisure Lake area. We understand how frustrating it may be not knowing the exact date that our service will be available at your home. However, we’re committed to connecting you to fast, reliable high-speed Internet as quickly as we can. 

To stay updated on our progress, keep checking back here on the blog and connect with us via your favourite social media channel.